Thailand BOI for Manufacturing or Preservation of Food and Beverage

If you are looking into applying for Thailand BOI for Manufacturing or preservation of food, beverages, food additives or food ingredients, you may be successful if your manufacturing process uses modern technology. (However, if you produce drinking water, ice cream, candy, chocolate, gum, sugar, carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, caffeinated beverages and flour or starch […]

Thailand BOI for Bag, Footwear and Leather Products Manufacturing

If you are considering to establish your bag, shoe, leather or artificial leather manufacturing business in Thailand, you can do so through the promotion given by Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) to benefit from numerous incentives. This means you will own the business 100% as a foreigner. Depending on your investments or expenditures on research, […]

BOI promotion for Digital Services Business in Thailand

This post is about BOI promotion for digital services business in Thailand, which is classified as one of special importance and benefit to the country. Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) grants the promoted digital service companies a corporate income tax exemption and other incentives. Digital services includes areas like software platform, managed service, digital architecture […]

One Stop Service for Visa and Work Permit

Not all foreigners are entitled to use the Thailand’s One-Stop Service Center to process their Thai visas and work permits. Such services in particular with extension of temporary stay; 90-day notification of address, re-entry permit, visa issuing and changing type of visa could be provided to those foreigners carrying out duties relating to the specific […]

Thailand BOI-Manufacturer of Industrial Chemicals

Have you thought of taking your business operation to Asia or specifically in Thailand? Are you a manufacturer of industrial chemicals? This is possible and we can make help you make it happen. Your company can register under Thailand BOI (Board of Investment). We listed the benefits you can get when you’re one of the promoted […]

Media Visa for Thailand

Journalists ask us if they need a media visa for Thailand. Yes, they need to get it. The validity of the visa is for 3 months or 1 year and it can be for a single or multiple entries. Non-immigrant, category “M” is media visa for Thailand, which media correspondents as well as journalists, applying to work for […]

Thailand BOI for Gems and Jewelry Business

Thailand BOI for Gems and Jewelry Business is possible if you are manufacturers, Thai or foreign. They now have a chance to establish or branch out their business in this country with the Board of Investment promotion. Some foreigners may wonder if they do not have Thailand BOI promotion for Gems and Jewelry Business, can […]

BOI for software business with Super Cluster policy

It is good news for the investors who want the investment incentives provided by the BOI for software business in Thailand. The BOI just launched the Cluster-based Special Economics Development Zone Policy to enhance investment potentials and competitiveness. There are 2 types of Clusters: Super Cluster and other targeted clusters. Software is one of the […]

International Trading Center (ITC)

International Trading Center or ITC, in Thailand, is a company incorporated under Thai laws that purchases and sell goods, raw materials and parts or that provides international trading related services to juristic persons incorporated under foreign laws. ITC related services include: Procurement of goods Warehousing and inventory services prior to delivery Packaging services Transportation of […]

International Headquarters (IHQ)

International Headquarters or IHQ is described as a company incorporated under Thai laws that provides any of the following activities to its branches or “associated enterprises”, whether located in Thailand or abroad: Managerial services or technical services Supporting services engaged in:General management, business planning and business coordination 2.1 General management, business planning and business coordination […]