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once stop service for visa and work permit

Not all foreigners are entitled to use the Thailand’s One-Stop Service Center to process their Thai visas and work permits. Such services in particular with extension of temporary stay; 90-day notification of address, re-entry permit, visa issuing and changing type of visa could be provided to those foreigners carrying out duties relating to the specific […]

Media Visa for Thailand

Journalists ask us if they need a media visa for Thailand. Yes, they need to get it. The validity of the visa is for 3 months or 1 year and it can be for a single or multiple entries. Non-immigrant, category “M” is media visa for Thailand, which media correspondents as well as journalists, applying to work for […]

39 Jobs restricted to foreigners

A foreigner who intends to work in Thailand is subject to the Alien Employment Act, which requires the foreigner to have a work permit to be issued by the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor unless it falls within an exception of the said Act. However, there are some occupations that are for Thai workers […]

Termination of employment contract

Section 118 of Labor Protection Act B.E. 2541 states that the employer must pay severance pay to the employee who is terminated. Termination of employment is defined as follows. 1.        Any act which an employer refuses to allow an employee to work without paying wages on expiry of contract of employment or any other causes […]

Visa and Work Permits for Foreign Workers of BOI promoted company

Thai BOI promoted companies have the privilege to invite foreign nationals to work in Thailand with less restriction compared to ordinary Thai companies. Provision of using the privileges under the Investment Promotion Act B.E. 2520 (A.D. 1977): Section 24, Section 25 and Section 26, such rights and benefits for supporting visa and work permits of […]

Work Permit For Thailand

If your company in Thailand is engaged in service business and wants to hire more foreigners, but does not have 4 Thai employees for every foreign employee or does not want to increase your capital by Baht 2 M for every work permit, then BOI (Board of Investment) promotion may be the solution. As a BOI company […]

Thai Non-Immigrant Visa Categories

Foreigners, who wish to stay in Thailand for a longer period, or those coming to work in Thailand, should obtain non-immigrant visas for all family members prior to entering into the Kingdom. This visa has several categories: Diplomatic visa (D) for those employed by an embassy; Business visa (B) for those conducting business in the […]

Passport renewal when Extending the Permit of Stay

In accordance with Thai Immigration’s New Regulation which has taken effect on 13 August 2013, when a foreigner submits his application for Visa Extension and the validity of his passport is less than a year before it expires, the extension of stay will be permitted not exceeding the expiry date of passport. Moreover, after the […]