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Foreigners often find it very complicated to do business in Thailand. Most foreigners want to own their company 100%, which is possible. We need to consider whether it is allowed by the Foreign Business Law. International investors can do business in the form of a branch office of a foreign company, for which they have to obtain a foreign business license or certificate. In case of American citizens, because of the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Thailand, they can open a Treaty of Amity company.

If the idea of having an establishment in Thailand is not for earning income, but rather to do any of the following for the head office or the group company; report the business movements in Thailand, or to give advice on various aspects pertaining to the goods distributed, or to seek the source of goods or services in Thailand, or to inspect and control the quality and quantity of the goods purchased or to disseminate the information in relation to the new goods or services of the head office or affiliated company or the group company, then you need to set up just a representative office.

In our opinion, the best form of doing business in Thailand is to get BOI promotion because most of companies promoted by the Board of Investment get to be 100% owned by foreigners. Moreover, BOI companies are allowed to have more work permits than non-BOI ones, which is one of Thailand BOI benefits.

Thailand BOI company registration seems complicated to the people who want to do business here but do not know the Thai laws. Many law firms, who speak fluent English, take advantage of the fact and charge incredibly high fees for their services. Doing business in Thailand, many find out the hard way that in the process of obtaining Foreign Business License, or preparing BOI application, or even getting work permits, there are financial, accounting and tax issues involved, which lawyers do not have expertise of. is in close cooperation with experienced Thai certified accountants at to serve our international clients better in those areas. You can be sure that your Thailand business gets started on the right footing with the expertise from both Thai lawyers and accountants.


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