Deploy Software Developers to Thailand

IT companies overseas sometimes need to deploy software developers to Thailand when they do not have a legal entity here. There are many solutions you can explore. What is the best one for you to relocate an IT team to Thailand depends on how many people and how much time you have. The first option […]

Losing Passport in Thailand

This article discusses the requirements and procedures if a foreigner lost his passport in Thailand. He must prepare the following documents: Application form New passport and a copy of its main page Copy of Police Report (Affidavit of Loss) Certificate from the Embassy When the required documents are complete, the foreigner must proceed with the […]

Foreigners Can Get a Thai Driving License

Planning to drive a car or motorbike in Thailand for travel, leisure or everyday living foreigners can get a Thai driving license with the Department of Land Transport throughout Thailand provided that they are: At least 18 years old Holder of a valid non-immigrant visa, in some cases, tourist visa may be accepted In good […]

Combined Company and Social Security Registration

When starting a company in Thailand, the promoters (individual shareholders) should submit an application form and required documents to the Department of Business Development (DBD), Ministry of Commerce, for the purpose of registration. Subsequently, when hiring employees, the company must register itself and its employee(s) with the Social Security Office (SSO), Ministry of Labour, as […]

Social Security for Foreign Employees

In Thailand, the Social Security Fund is the government-administered fund that provides social security coverage to the insured persons who are member of the scheme. Foreign employees could not contribute in the Social Security scheme voluntarily. Once the foreigner obtains his Work Permit, the employer has the duty to register him within 30 days from […]

Can a Foreigner Work as a Tour Guide in Thailand?

As prescribed by the notification of the Ministry of Labour, foreigners are not allowed to work as a tour guide which involves bringing tourists, whether individually or in groups, to travel to various location and providing advice and information to tourists in Thailand. Moreover, foreigners are also prohibited in engaging in sightseeing tour operation which […]

BOI Employed Foreigners Buying a Condo in Thailand

Foreigners buying a condo in Thailand do not need to transfer money from overseas if they work for a BOI company. That is one of the many benefits of Thailand BOI promotion. The expats are exempt from having to transfer the purchase money from their bank account outside the country. Thai Lawyers can help our […]