Smart Visa for Startups

If you are planning to create a technology based startup in Thailand, you are considered a startup entrepreneur. You are lucky because Thailand Board of Investment offers a smart visa for startups entrepreneurs who will create a business in one of the targeted industries. You will enjoy many benefits as follows: Holders of Smart Visa […]

Changing Visa in Thailand

Most of the time, a foreigner needs to come into Thailand with a non-immigrant B visa before he can apply for a work permit through his employer company. What if he is already in the Kingdom and found a job? How can he obtain a work permit? He needs to change his visa first. A […]

Thailawyers Working With Indian Businesses to Set up Companies in Thailand

We are proud to be the Thai Lawyers working with Indian Businesses to set up companies in Thailand. We help the foreigners own the companies 100% without having Thai shareholders in many industries. We have 100% foreign ownership solutions for international companies wanting to operate in our country. If you are thinking about expanding into […]

APEC Business Travel Card

APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) is a fast and efficient travel option for business people who are citizens of APEC participating economies within the APEC region which supports APEC’s goal of free and open trade and investment under the conference of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC project. The ABTC holders do not need to apply […]

Unpaid Sick Leave

One of our clients in Thailand has an employee who had recently joined them. They were just been informed that she had been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer before she joined them. They wanted to know about paid and unpaid sick leave. How many days of sick leave per Thailand labour law is allowed for […]

Thai Lawyers Set Up a BOI Company for a Manufacturing Business from India

Thank you Mr. Milind Deshmukh from Sicgil for having Thai Lawyers set up a BOI company for a manufacturing business from India. Here is his appreciation of our professional services: “We are a global company with headquarters in India. We worked with Thai Lawyers Ltd. of MSNA Group to set up our BOI company. We […]

Foreign Companies Sell Goods in Thailand

Can foreign companies sell goods in Thailand? If you buy products from suppliers inside the country and have them delivered to Thai buyers (either by agents, employees or the suppliers), it means you do business in Thailand. According to Foreign Business Law, before foreign companies sell goods in Thailand, they need to obtain a Foreign […]

Document Needed for Foreigners Buying a Condo

What document needed for foreigners buying a condo is explained here. Most foreigners wanting to buy a condo in Thailand have heard that they need the FET Form (Foreign Exchange Transaction Form, previously known as Thor Tor 3) issued by a bank inside Thailand through which the foreigners send money into the Kingdom to buy […]