Treaty of Amity Company Registration

Treaty of Amity company registration is a great way for American citizens to operate their business in Thailand. If you have your existing company in the USA, which has majority American shareholders and directors, we can assist you in obtaining a Foreign Business Certificate (FBC), opening a bank account and registering it into the VAT system. Treaty of Amity company registration may be done by setting up a limited company under Thai law with majority US shareholders, then obtaining an FBC.

During the process of Treaty of Amity company registration, we will deal with the U.S. Commercial Service on your behalf to get the certification that your company is protected by the Treat of Amity between Thailand and the USA.

The business activities you want to engage may be eligible for investment promotion, which has many incentives, including land ownership and getting many work permits without the capital and Thai employee ratios. You may want to also consult with us on Thailand BOI company registration.

Please read our Thailand Foreign Business Law summary.

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