100% Foreign Ownership

100% foreign ownership for doing business in Thailand is possible. Whether you are looking to have 100% ownership or majority ownership of your Thai business venture, you have come to the right place. This is one of our expertise. We do not recommend nominee shareholders, which is illegal and uncontrollable.

100% foreign ownership can be done quickly and legally. If your business is a prohibited one according to the Foreign Business Law, we have more than one solution for you to consider. We guarantee that you will have your business up and running within 1 – 10 weeks depending on the business model you want to set up. Consult with MSNA today for the best practices if you want to operate a business in Thailand and maintain 100% or majority foreign ownership.

Here is why we do not advice nominee shareholding; the penalty clause regarding nominee shareholding from the Foreign Business Law:

“Section 36. Any Thai national or non-foreign juristic person under this Act, aiding or abetting or taking part in the business operation of the foreigners whose business is in the Schedules attached hereto and the foreigners are not permitted to operate that business, or taking part in the business operation of the foreigners by showing that he or it is the sole owner of the business or holding shares on behalf of the foreigners in any partnership or limited company or juristic person in order for the foreigners to operate the business in avoidance of or violation to the provisions of this Act, including the foreigners allowing Thai nationals or non-foreign juristic persons under this Act to do so, shall be subject to an imprisonment of not more than three years or a fine from Baht 100,000 to Baht 1,000,000 or both and the Court shall order a stoppage of the aiding, abetting or order a stoppage of the joint business operation or order a stoppage of the shareholding or a cessation of the partnership as the case may be. Violators of the Court’s order shall be subject to a fine of Baht 10,000 to Baht 50,000 per day throughout the period of violation.”

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