Setting up Representative Office

Our service in setting up Representative Office and Branch Office for Foreign Companies begins with making sure you comply with Thailand Foreign Business Law. We provide consultation and guide you through the steps and point out the pros and cons of different forms of business setup and advise you of the best and most practical form given your unique situation. You will be able to decide on setting up Representative Office, Branch Office, Thai limited company (100% owned by foreigners), Treaty of Amity company or Regional Operating Headquarters (ROH). Our team speaks fluent English and you can expect expert advice no one else can provide at the same reasonable price as ours.

If the business activities you want to do in Thailand do not involve earning revenues, we will assist you in getting a Foreign Business License to operate Thailand representative office of your foreign company.

If you want to make money in Thailand, doing just exports of Thai products, or manufacturing products that you will sell in and outside of Thailand, then you will not need to apply for a Foreign Business License. We will instead help you with getting a Tax ID, VAT and Social Security registration, opening bank accounts and getting work permits.

However, if you want to do businesses other than exports and manufacturing, you may be able to set up a Thailand branch office of your company from overseas. We can help you prepare the application and facilitate the whole process for obtaining the Foreign Business License or a Foreign Business Certificate in case of Americans. (US citizens can operate a Treaty of Amity company and own it 100%.)

We can help you set up a Regional Operating Headquarters or ROH, which is a juristic company incorporated in Thailand to provide managerial, administrative or technical services as well as other supporting services to your foreign branches or associated enterprises.

Keep in mind that the business activities you want to engage in may be eligible for investment promotion which gives you many great benefits. In that case, you should consult with us on Thailand BOI company registration.

Please read our Thailand Foreign Business Law summary.

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