Here are some testimonials from the clients of Thai Lawyers Ltd.:

Looking for a consultant company to help you go through the BOI process can be a long search. For us it took several meetings with a few, mostly ones run by foreigners residing in Thailand because we were worried about the language barrier. However while their English was great, none of them felt right and they were all very expensive. At that point we decided to try a local Thai firm, we checked Thai Lawyers Ltd. of MSNA Group located in Bangkok and we never looked back.

The BOI application is based on a plan, this plan is more than just a simple business plan, it is a complex combination of cross details that cover all facets of your business, and if not filled out correctly and smartly, not only will the BOI will reject it, but it can also lead you to costly obstacles with any future expansion of your planned operation in Thailand.

We got our BOI approved first draft in less than 40 days, very impressive indeed.
The staff at MSNA are professional, they all speak fluent English, it’s a modern office and is a pleasure to work with. If you read these lines then you got to the right place, we highly recommend using their service.

Gur M, CEO, Powerlines LLC


We have engaged Thai Lawyers of MSNA Group to help facilitate our BOI application process and we are very satisfied with their services. They are able to deliver whatever they have promised to deliver and they are well versed with the BOI requirements.

As Thailand is a country which predominantly uses the Thai language, we are pleased with MSNA’s ability to be bilingual, allowing us to communicate effectively with them in English, and for all documents and communication with the BOI to be done in Thai. There is no language barrier which we need to overcome before even being able to start our BOI application process.

We definitely recommend MSNA’s services.

Alvin Ho, Chief Business Officer, Macromac Group


I found them to be very professional and easy to work with. Guided me exactly through the process of what to do in order for me to get my BOI License and Certificate. Would recommend them and their rates are reasonable and within the market what offers. Also have english speaking employees to assist and talk with which helps.

Jason Ho, Chief Software Architect, S1K


Very professional firm with a great management. They are always proactive and respond to even smallest inquiries. Had only positive experience with this company. A+++

Alex Lane, Managing Director, Amilabs Ltd.

Thai Lawyers have been a huge help in setting up a BOI promoted business in Thailand. They have always been there to provide support and advice when needed.

Rob Wavre, Managing Director, RAW Develop


We engaged MSNA Group to assist our company for the BOI opening of the operation interview/inspection. As always, it was a pleasure working with MSNA as you know you can rely on their professionalism, knowledge of the processes and deep experience in dealing with Thai officials to achieve the expected results. Before the interview MSNA handled the preparation of the necessary documents and helped to train our staff in dealing with the BOI officials for this occasion. A senior manager of MSNA attended the interview and helped to ensure the meeting run smoothly. Following the interview she followed up with the BOI to complete the required documentation. We have now obtained the BOI opening certificate and are very pleased with MSNA’ s contribution that ensured the objective was met in full in a pain-free way.

David Lambert, Managing Director, AD System Asia Co., Ltd.


After working with Thai Lawyers Ltd of MSNA Group, I am glad that Ms.Stewart and her team assisted us in pushing forward our BOI application and taking the time to explain the fine points of Thai law. When issues arose, they diligently took responsibility for it. I recommend her firm as being well qualified and with good availability to sort critical issues out.



Engaging Thai Lawyers Ltd to assist us in obtaining the foreign business license for our Thailand Branch Office is probably one of the best decisions we have made, especially after encountering impasse with a less effective law firm which impinged on our Thailand operation setup, and wasted much of our precious time. 

Like in anywhere else, working with the local authorities is usually quite a bureaucratic process and tedious as well, this is exacerbated if the engaged Law firm does not know exactly how to handle it appropriately and effectively. Thai Lawyers Ltd. has a competent team who is responsive and thorough, this makes them very effective in handling the case within a short time frame. And you can have a peace of mind leaving the important task to them.

I would highly recommend Thai Lawyers Ltd. to anyone who wishes to engage a local law firm to work on their new establishment with the local authorities in Thailand. They certainly know and understand the local business culture well and are able to get things done effectively and timely. 

David Lum, Director, MULTIVAC PTE LTD.


We hired Thai Lawyers Ltd. of MSNA Group to help us get the foreign business license for our Representative office in Thailand. The team at Thai Lawyers Ltd. are very knowledgeable of the whole process and very responsive to both our questions and the demands from the foreign business authority. Their promptness and attention to details are impressive. We can recommend Thai Lawyers Ltd to anyone wishing to start their business in Thailand because we have experienced their competence and prudent advisory and their fees are very reasonable.

Daniel Loh, General Manager (South East Asia), TLV Pte Ltd.


I’m very impressed by the services of Thai Lawyers / MSNA Group.

I switched places of work without the need of leaving the country. New Work Permit, new one year visa, new employer. Everything went flawless. Their eyes for details is exceptional and all their work is extremely professional, and they will give you tips how to make things the easiest way possible. They also tell you what is best for you, not what makes them earn the most. If you put your trust in their hands you will know what I am talking about. I could not recommend them more. There simply is not enough superlatives.

Nicklas Ulander


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