Starting from providing you with consultation and guidance to help determine what form of business setup you need in order to operate your business in Thailand by reference to Thailand Foreign Business Law, our group basically provides most services you will need in doing business here, including company registration, BOI (Board of Investment) application, legal due diligence, work permit, outsourced accounting, external audit, tax planning, labour related issues, etc. Please see below the brief of our services. If you cannot find the services you need, please email us what you are looking for. We will most likely be able to service you in that area or refer you to the people we trust. We are a well established group of professional service companies and we maintain a list of respectable, competent and reasonably priced business partners in our network.

Business start-up service

Our business start-up service begins with making sure you comply with Thailand Foreign Business Law. We provide consultation and guide you through the steps and point out the pros and cons of different forms of business setup and advise you of the best and most practical form given your unique situation. Your may set up a Representative Office, Branch Office, Thai limited company, Treaty of Amity company or Regional Operating Headquarters (ROH). Our team speaks fluent English and you can expect expert advice no one else can provide at the same reasonable price as ours.

Thailand BOI service

This service includes consulting on your Thai business’s needs for BOI promotion and preparing the BOI application, writing the BOI presentation project and filing all the forms needed to get the Certificate of Board of Investment Promotion.

Work permit service

We obtain work permits and one year business Visas for expatriates in Thailand. If you have foreign employees to work in Thailand, you would want to contact us.

Legal due diligence service

When you have a target company for your M&A (Merger & Acquisition) deal in Thailand, you would want to work with Thai Lawyers Ltd for our expertise in legal due diligence service. Although the due diligence process can be time consuming and sometimes overwhelming, especially for a target company unfamiliar with the process, it is a crucial step in major corporate transactions.

Other services

Accounting service

Audit service

Tax planning and compliance service

Payroll service

Staffing service

Labour law related services

And anything you need in Thailand but do not know who to contact.

Please contact us for any services you need in doing business in Thailand.


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