Legal Due Diligence Service

When foreigners want to acquire a company in Thailand, you need a good local team to help make sure that the target company is in good health financially and legally. Thai Lawyers Ltd. can assist you with legal due diligence service and other companies in our MSNA Group can help investigate all financial, accounting and tax positions of the company at very reasonable local prices with uncompromising high quality and international standards.

Many potential buyers hire a law firm to perform a legal due diligence service, which is to investigate all legal aspects involved in the business and hiring an accounting firm to do the financial due diligence. Hiring two companies to perform the two services separately can be too costly. Hiring MSNA Group of companies for financial and legal due diligence service in Thailand is a better solution. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients who use our due diligence service:

“Tokyo Consulting Firm has used MSNA Group for Due Diligence service in Thailand and Laos. We are very satisfied with their service. Even though our required due date was very tight, MSNA has exactly met the deadline without losing a quality of service. Our Japanese client safely acquired the target and has continued the business.

We can confidently recommend MSNA as a solid and reliable professional firm. We have recognized MSNA as best partner in Thailand. If there is a merger & acquisition practice in Thailand, we are sure that we will ask MSNA again for Due Diligence service.”

Seiji Yamazaki, M&A Venture Capital, Tokyo Consulting Firm