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BOI Motion Picture Support Services in Thailand

MOTION PICTURE SUPPORT SERVICES For foreigners who want to own a company in Thailand that provides motion picture support services, the way to do it is to get a BOI promotion. We would like to give you some useful information that you should know about this interesting activity before registering a company.   Benefits: 5 […]

Foreigners and Manufacturing Business in Thailand

Foreigners and manufacturing business in Thailand Once you decided to manufacture goods in Thailand, two options are available for you: either rent a ready-made factory or buy (or lease) land and build your own factory.   Foreign Ownership of Land While in general, foreign companies or individuals cannot buy and own land in Thailand, there […]

Manufacturing of Ceramic Products

Manufacturing of Ceramic Products Thailand has been encouraging and promoting projects in the mining industry and manufacturing for many relevant products for economic benefits. The Board of Investment of Thailand has established a clear policy to welcome foreign investors to participate in the development of large-scale projects that involves minerals, ceramic and basic metals.   […]

Importing Wine from France

Importing Wine from France To meet the requirements of importation of wine into Thailand, there are certain rules one needs to follow. Firstly, to register a business there needs to be 3 promoters. For the company to open up a warehouse in Thailand, they need to have a household registration number from the landlord where […]

Investment Promotion for Manufacture of Hard Disk Drive

  Investment Promotion for Manufacture of Hard Disk Drive Since the last decade, Thailand has been the biggest manufacturer of hard disk drives. Thailand offers low cost, literate and high quality labour and national infrastructure that facilitates the export market. The big digital companies are now manufacturing their products in Thailand to take advantages of […]

BOI Promotion for Economic Forest Plantation

  BOI Promotion for Economic Forest Plantation The BOI provides incentives and benefits for doing business in Thailand within the economic forest plantation industry. This does not include the forestation of Eucalyptus trees. As global growth and populations have increased, environmental leaders have shared the importance of sustainable forest plantation and healthy economic incentives. To […]

International Trading Center (ITC)

International Trading Center or ITC, in Thailand, is a company incorporated under Thai laws that purchases and sell goods, raw materials and parts or that provides international trading related services to juristic persons incorporated under foreign laws. ITC related services include: Procurement of goods Warehousing and inventory services prior to delivery Packaging services Transportation of […]

International Headquarters (IHQ)

International Headquarters or IHQ is described as a company incorporated under Thai laws that provides any of the following activities to its branches or “associated enterprises”, whether located in Thailand or abroad: Managerial services or technical services Supporting services engaged in:General management, business planning and business coordination 2.1 General management, business planning and business coordination […]