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Foreign Ownership and Recruitment Business in Thailand

Can Americans set up a recruitment business in Thailand using the rights under the Treaty of Amity? Absolutely not. Can any foreigners have the majority ownership in a recruitment company? Definitely not. At ThaiLawyers, we get such inquiries from foreigners wanting to recruit Thai people to work overseas, all the time. Foreign ownership and recruitment […]

Smart Visa for Startups

If you are planning to create a technology based startup in Thailand, you are considered a startup entrepreneur. You are lucky because Thailand Board of Investment offers a smart visa for startups entrepreneurs who will create a business in one of the targeted industries. You will enjoy many benefits as follows: Holders of Smart Visa […]

Thailawyers Working With Indian Businesses to Set up Companies in Thailand

We are proud to be the Thai Lawyers working with Indian Businesses to set up companies in Thailand. We help the foreigners own the companies 100% without having Thai shareholders in many industries. We have 100% foreign ownership solutions for international companies wanting to operate in our country. If you are thinking about expanding into […]

Importing Wine from France

Importing Wine from France To meet the requirements of importation of wine into Thailand, there are certain rules one needs to follow. Firstly, to register a business there needs to be 3 promoters. For the company to open up a warehouse in Thailand, they need to have a household registration number from the landlord where […]

Limited Company Doing Tourism Business in Thailand

Tourism industry in Thailand is the industry which provides or gives services in return for remuneration in connection with tourism activities within and outside the Kingdom as follows: – Tour business – Tourist hotels business – Business relating to restaurants, service places and resorts for tourists – Business relating to the sale of souvenirs or […]

Types and Characteristics of Shares of Thailand Limited Company

The shares of Thailand limited companies are divided into the following two types : 1. Ordinary Shares or Common Shares Ordinary shareholders have common rights according to THE CIVIL AND COMMERCIAL CODE, CHAPTER IV LIMITED COMPANIES and CHAPTER V LIQUIDATION OF REGISTERED PARTNERSHIP, LIMITED PARTNERSHIP AND LIMITED COMPANIES  which are as follows: 1.1   Every ordinary […]

What happens when you liquidate a company ?

Some company owners decide to close down the business and they register for dissolution but fail to file a liquidation report or register the liquidation with the registrar. In this case, the Department of Business Development will revoke the registration of companies that register for dissolution, where in the liquidation process, the liquidators either failed […]