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Combined Company and Social Security Registration

When starting a company in Thailand, the promoters (individual shareholders) should submit an application form and required documents to the Department of Business Development (DBD), Ministry of Commerce, for the purpose of registration. Subsequently, when hiring employees, the company must register itself and its employee(s) with the Social Security Office (SSO), Ministry of Labour, as […]

Social Security for Foreign Employees

In Thailand, the Social Security Fund is the government-administered fund that provides social security coverage to the insured persons who are member of the scheme. Foreign employees could not contribute in the Social Security scheme voluntarily. Once the foreigner obtains his Work Permit, the employer has the duty to register him within 30 days from […]

Can a Foreigner Work as a Tour Guide in Thailand?

As prescribed by the notification of the Ministry of Labour, foreigners are not allowed to work as a tour guide which involves bringing tourists, whether individually or in groups, to travel to various location and providing advice and information to tourists in Thailand. Moreover, foreigners are also prohibited in engaging in sightseeing tour operation which […]

Sick Leave for Too Many Days

Employees in Thailand are entitled to 30 days sick leave per year. One of our payroll clients has asked us if there is any government regulations to give more sick leave if an employee gets sick for a long time. In this Covid-19 era, it is possible that an employee had already used all his […]

How to Calculate Overtime for Employees

When you have your employees, full time or part-time, work overtime, you have to pay them 1.5 to 3 times their normal wage. Here is how to calculate overtime for employees. You will take their hourly rate and multiply it by 1.5 for the time outside of the normal work hours on the work days […]

Unpaid Sick Leave

One of our clients in Thailand has an employee who had recently joined them. They were just been informed that she had been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer before she joined them. They wanted to know about paid and unpaid sick leave. How many days of sick leave per Thailand labour law is allowed for […]

Work Rules and Regulations

The Thai Labour Law requires both Thai and foreign employers who employ a total of ten or more employees to arrange for their work rules and regulations in Thai to be announced in the work place within 15 days from the day they started employing 10 or more employees and send a copy of the […]

Labour Welfare in Thailand

In Thailand, labour welfare is considered as a major concern where employers are required to provide the sufficiently comfortable, clean, and safe working conditions to all employees. To ensure that the employee is entitled to benefit from safe working conditions, the Minister of Labour issue Ministerial Regulations Concerning the Provision of Labour Welfare in Workplace […]