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Losing Passport in Thailand

This article discusses the requirements and procedures if a foreigner lost his passport in Thailand. He must prepare the following documents: Application form New passport and a copy of its main page Copy of Police Report (Affidavit of Loss) Certificate from the Embassy When the required documents are complete, the foreigner must proceed with the […]

Foreigners Can Get a Thai Driving License

Planning to drive a car or motorbike in Thailand for travel, leisure or everyday living foreigners can get a Thai driving license with the Department of Land Transport throughout Thailand provided that they are: At least 18 years old Holder of a valid non-immigrant visa, in some cases, tourist visa may be accepted In good […]

Thailand Residence Permit

Thailand residence permit, often called Thai permanent residency or Thai PR allows foreign nationals to stay in Thailand as long as they want. Application for Thai PR has to be done at the Immigration Office in Bangkok or for residence of other provinces, at the local or nearest Immigration Office or Checkpoint. At present, the […]

Medical Certificate for Work Permit

We got asked a lot of times why foreigners need to get medical certificate before they can obtain or renew their work permit in Thailand. This requirement is in accordance to the Foreigners’ Working Management Emergency Decree whereas all foreigners working in Thailand must submit the application with a medical certificate certifying that the applicant […]

Countries Permitted to Enter Thailand From 1 November 2021

COVID or not, here we are! Thailand is partly opened. In accordance with the Notification of the Operation Centre for Measures on the Arrival into and Departure from Thailand, and Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad dated 21 October 2021, the following are the list of countries permitted to enter Thailand from November 1, 2021. Australia […]

Work Permit and Visa for Thailand STARTUPs

Wondering what kind of work permit and visa for Thailand startups is available to you? Here we have the answers. You must have a startup project, first. You may be eligible for the smart visa, SMART S, which is for Technology-based startup entrepreneurs in the targeted industries only. If your plan is approved, you will […]

Change Smart Visa to Non B

We can help change smart visa Non B visa for you. Foreigners who have a smart visa sometimes wish to work for another company. They consult with us, ThaiLawyers, to see their options. If you have a smart visa, it means you can work with the company who gave you the smart visa without having […]

Smart Visa for Startups

If you are planning to create a technology based startup in Thailand, you are considered a startup entrepreneur. You are lucky because Thailand Board of Investment offers a smart visa for startups entrepreneurs who will create a business in one of the targeted industries. You will enjoy many benefits as follows: Holders of Smart Visa […]

Changing Visa in Thailand

Most of the time, a foreigner needs to come into Thailand with a non-immigrant B visa before he can apply for a work permit through his employer company. What if he is already in the Kingdom and found a job? How can he obtain a work permit? He needs to change his visa first. A […]