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Deploy Software Developers to Thailand

IT companies overseas sometimes need to deploy software developers to Thailand when they do not have a legal entity here. There are many solutions you can explore. What is the best one for you to relocate an IT team to Thailand depends on how many people and how much time you have. The first option […]

BOI Employed Foreigners Buying a Condo in Thailand

Foreigners buying a condo in Thailand do not need to transfer money from overseas if they work for a BOI company. That is one of the many benefits of Thailand BOI promotion. The expats are exempt from having to transfer the purchase money from their bank account outside the country. Thai Lawyers can help our […]

Countries Permitted to Enter Thailand From 1 November 2021

COVID or not, here we are! Thailand is partly opened. In accordance with the Notification of the Operation Centre for Measures on the Arrival into and Departure from Thailand, and Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad dated 21 October 2021, the following are the list of countries permitted to enter Thailand from November 1, 2021. Australia […]

BOI Promotion for Software, Digital Platform and Digital Content

Software developing companies who want to apply for Thailand BOI promotion for software, digital platform and digital content need to rethink their strategy. On 16 September 2021, the BOI announcement No. Sor 4/2564 cancelled the investment promotion of activities 5.7 (Software), 5.8 ( E-Commerce ) and 5.9 (Digital Services). Basically, all those were cancelled in […]

Apply for Thailand BOI Before or After Having a Company

We have a client from England who wants to know if they should apply for Thailand BOI before or after having a company. Here are their questions and our answers: Q: The company has existing operations, office and employees. Also, we are in the process of sponsoring additional foreign workers. What would happen to the […]

Thailawyers Working With Indian Businesses to Set up Companies in Thailand

We are proud to be the Thai Lawyers working with Indian Businesses to set up companies in Thailand. We help the foreigners own the companies 100% without having Thai shareholders in many industries. We have 100% foreign ownership solutions for international companies wanting to operate in our country. If you are thinking about expanding into […]

Thai Lawyers Set Up a BOI Company for a Manufacturing Business from India

Thank you Mr. Milind Deshmukh from SICGIL for having Thai Lawyers set up a BOI company for a manufacturing business from India. Here is his appreciation of our professional services: “We are a global company with headquarters in India. We worked with Thai Lawyers Ltd. of MSNA Group to set up our BOI company. We […]

BOI Motion Picture Support Services in Thailand

MOTION PICTURE SUPPORT SERVICES For foreigners who want to own a company in Thailand that provides motion picture support services, the way to do it is to get a BOI promotion. We would like to give you some useful information that you should know about this interesting activity before registering a company. Benefits: 5 year […]