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Thai Lawyers Set Up a BOI Company for a Manufacturing Business from India

Thank you Mr. Milind Deshmukh from SICGIL for having Thai Lawyers set up a BOI company for a manufacturing business from India. Here is his appreciation of our professional services: “We are a global company with headquarters in India. We worked with Thai Lawyers Ltd. of MSNA Group to set up our BOI company. We […]

Foreigners and Manufacturing Business in Thailand

Foreigners and manufacturing business in Thailand Once you decided to manufacture goods in Thailand, two options are available for you: either rent a ready-made factory or buy (or lease) land and build your own factory.   Foreign Ownership of Land While in general, foreign companies or individuals cannot buy and own land in Thailand, there […]

Manufacturing of Ceramic Products

Manufacturing of Ceramic Products Thailand has been encouraging and promoting projects in the mining industry and manufacturing for many relevant products for economic benefits. The Board of Investment of Thailand has established a clear policy to welcome foreign investors to participate in the development of large-scale projects that involves minerals, ceramic and basic metals.   […]

BOI Promotion for the manufacture of ecofriendly chemicals

  BOI Promotion for the manufacture of ecofriendly chemicals The BOI provides incentives and benefits for doing business in Thailand within the chemicals, paper and plastic manufacturing industry. This includes the manufacture of ecofriendly chemicals or polymers or manufacture of products from ecofriendly chemicals or polymers that is incorporated within the same project as the […]

BOI Promotion for Manufacture of Solar Products

  BOI Promotion for Manufacture of Solar Products The BOI provides incentives for doing business in Thailand within the fast-growing solar power industry. This includes the manufacturing of parts and/or equipment for solar-powered products.   Global investment in renewable energy grew tremendously last year, far surpassing fossil fuels and driving down the price of clean […]

Factory locations in Thailand

There are 3 types of place in Thailand where a factory can be located; industrial estates, industrial parks and other areas (elsewhere outside the first two types). The difference among the three types is as follows. Industrial estates An industrial estate is an area of land specified for industrial purpose providing infrastructure like electricity, water […]

Eligible Applicants for Free Zone User

Free Zone is a designated area for industrial or commercial operation or any other operations involve in economic growth and development. It is considered to be outside Thailand and Thai Customs territory. Accordingly, when foreign merchandise is brought into a Free Zone, no taxes and duties is owed until the merchandise leaves the Zone and enters […]

Thailand IEAT Free Zone

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) law states that the free zone is designated for the operation of industrial activities, commercial activities or other business relating thereto, for the purpose of economics, national security, public well-being, environmental management or other necessities as prescribed by the Board of the IEAT, whereby goods taken into the […]