Items That Are Prohibited and Restricted in Thailand

Foreigners can engage in trading activities in Thailand. However, there are certain items that are prohibited and restricted as set by The Customs Department which foreigners must comply with. Prohibited Items These are items for which are prohibited either for import into or export out of Thailand. Such prohibited items include: Narcotics Pornographic materials Counterfeit […]

Thailand Residence Permit

Thailand residence permit, often called Thai permanent residency or Thai PR allows foreign nationals to stay in Thailand as long as they want. Application for Thai PR has to be done at the Immigration Office in Bangkok or for residence of other provinces, at the local or nearest Immigration Office or Checkpoint. At present, the […]

Medical Certificate for Work Permit

We got asked a lot of times why foreigners need to get medical certificate before they can obtain or renew their work permit in Thailand. This requirement is in accordance to the Foreigners’ Working Management Emergency Decree whereas all foreigners working in Thailand must submit the application with a medical certificate certifying that the applicant […]

Sick Leave for Too Many Days

Employees in Thailand are entitled to 30 days sick leave per year. One of our payroll clients has asked us if there is any government regulations to give more sick leave if an employee gets sick for a long time. In this Covid-19 era, it is possible that an employee had already used all his […]

Health Massage and Health Spa Businesses in Thailand

What is the different between Health Massage and Health Spa Businesses in Thailand? A health massage license holder cannot operate a health spa business. However, if a company holds a health spa business license, it will be able to operate health massage business as well. This is because a Spa Business License covers the health […]

Foreign Ownership and Recruitment Business in Thailand

Can Americans set up a recruitment business in Thailand using the rights under the Treaty of Amity? Absolutely not. Can any foreigners have the majority ownership in a recruitment company? Definitely not. At ThaiLawyers, we get such inquiries from foreigners wanting to recruit Thai people to work overseas, all the time. Foreign ownership and recruitment […]

Countries Permitted to Enter Thailand From 1 November 2021

COVID or not, here we are! Thailand is partly opened. In accordance with the Notification of the Operation Centre for Measures on the Arrival into and Departure from Thailand, and Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad dated 21 October 2021, the following are the list of countries permitted to enter Thailand from November 1, 2021. Australia […]

BOI Promotion for Software, Digital Platform and Digital Content

Software developing companies who want to apply for Thailand BOI promotion for software, digital platform and digital content need to rethink their strategy. On 16 September 2021, the BOI announcement No. Sor 4/2564 cancelled the investment promotion of activities 5.7 (Software), 5.8 ( E-Commerce ) and 5.9 (Digital Services). Basically, all those were cancelled in […]