Maternity Leave More Than 90 Days

One of our employees want to take Maternity leave more than 90 days (98 days to be exact). We understand that the company will pay the employee salary for the first 45 days and the balance days she can claim from the Thai Social Security, can you let us know what she can claim for maternity leave more […]

BOI Company For Manufacture of LED Lamps

If you want to set up a Thailand BOI company for manufacture of LED lamps, you need to understand what it means by manufacturing. A manufacturing process begins with the product design, and materials specification from which the product is made. It involves big machineries in transforming the raw materials into the final product. If […]

Questions About Shareholders And Directors

We frequently get questions about shareholders and directors of Thai companies. We think they are useful for anyone who has business in Thailand. Sometimes you need to change the public records of the company like address, directors, shareholders, capital, etc. We can help with any corporate secretarial services. Here are from our clients some questions […]

Thai nominee shareholders are illegal

We have always told foreigners that Thai nominee shareholders are illegal. Our clients know that we do not recommend that way of company setup. Many law firms want to make money quickly and don’t tell their foreign clients that they are breaking the law. “The Nation” reported today: Probe finds 5 suspected local-nominee business services […]

Investment certificate in Thailand

Often times we get an inquiry like the below asking about investment certificate in Thailand. We think many people believe it and lose a lot of money trying to get it for some fake investors allegedly from Thailand. Here is an example of the inquiry we got: We are a start-up company looking for investment […]