Certificate of a Representative Office in Thailand

A Juristic Person established under foreign laws that wants to operate in Thailand as a representative office will have to notify the Department of Business Development of their intention. Once approved, the DBD will issue a document for it, called “Certificate of the Identification Number of the Juristic Person established under foreign laws which operates […]

Set Up a Language School in Thailand

Foreigners wanting to set up a language school in Thailand needs to have Thai partners to apply for a school license at the Office of the Private Education Commission. If you want to set up a language school in Thailand, you must go through the formality prescribed by the Private School Act B.E. 2550 and […]

Apply for Thailand BOI Before or After Having a Company

We have a client from England who wants to know if they should apply for Thailand BOI before or after having a company. Here are their questions and our answers: Q: The company has existing operations, office and employees. Also, we are in the process of sponsoring additional foreign workers. What would happen to the […]

How to Calculate Overtime for Employees

When you have your employees, full time or part-time, work overtime, you have to pay them 1.5 to 3 times their normal wage. Here is how to calculate overtime for employees. You will take their hourly rate and multiply it by 1.5 for the time outside of the normal work hours on the work days […]

Work Permit and Visa for Thailand STARTUPs

Wondering what kind of work permit and visa for Thailand startups is available to you? Here we have the answers. You must have a startup project, first. You may be eligible for the smart visa, SMART S, which is for Technology-based startup entrepreneurs in the targeted industries only. If your plan is approved, you will […]

Change Smart Visa to Non B

We can help change smart visa Non B visa for you. Foreigners who have a smart visa sometimes wish to work for another company. They consult with us, ThaiLawyers, to see their options. If you have a smart visa, it means you can work with the company who gave you the smart visa without having […]

Smart Visa for Startups

If you are planning to create a technology based startup in Thailand, you are considered a startup entrepreneur. You are lucky because Thailand Board of Investment offers a smart visa for startups entrepreneurs who will create a business in one of the targeted industries. You will enjoy many benefits as follows: Holders of Smart Visa […]

Changing Visa in Thailand

Most of the time, a foreigner needs to come into Thailand with a non-immigrant B visa before he can apply for a work permit through his employer company. What if he is already in the Kingdom and found a job? How can he obtain a work permit? He needs to change his visa first. A […]