How to Set Up a Recruitment Company in Thailand

How to set up a recruitment company in Thailand

Documents and conditions:

A. The licensee must be one of authorized directors of the company. He must be a Thai national and currently is not a director of another recruitment company.
Documents we need from him:
1. Copy of Thai ID card
2. Copy of house registration
3. Health certificate (We will give detail later when we know who will be the licensee.)
4. Three photos (4×6 cms)
5. Criminal record check (We will explain to the person how to get it later).

B. The company must be 51% Thai owned. It cannot use the word “recruitment” as part of its name until it has obtained the recruitment license.
Documents needed from the company:
1. Company affidavit and copy of list of shareholders certified by the DBD not more than 5 months ago.
2. Copy of Thai ID card or passport of all the company’s directors,
3. Letter of Guarantee from a Thai bank of Baht 100,000 (issued to the Department of Employment)

C. The place of business must be at least 16 square meters and not be the same office as other businesses. Documents we need from the landlord:
1. The landlord must provide the proof of his ownership of the place.
2. A letter of consent from the landlord for the company to use the place to do recruitment.
3. Lease agreement

D. Other forms and documents which Thai Lawyers will prepare for you.


Steps and timeline
1. Submit all documents and application to the Department of Employment.
2. If no more documents are required by the officer, they will take about 3-6 months to approve.
3. When the company receives a letter of approval, it has to change its name to include the word “Recruitment”.
4. Submit the company’s document showing the new name and pay a fee of Baht 5,000 which is good for 3 years and pick up the license.