How to register E-commerce in Thailand

If you have an online business such as service, trading on the internet, creating website for trading, internet service provider, web hosting and hub of online marketing, you need to register your business into the E-commerce system. It does not matter if you are a company, partnership or individual. To register, the following documents are required to submit to the Department of Business Development (DBD).

  1. Application for E-commerce Registration (Tor. Por. form), where you will fill out the details of your website
  2. ID card or Passport of the applicant
    • For an individual – ID card or passport
    • For juristic person – ID card or passport of authorized director (no need for a company affidavit)
  3. A power of attorney (If any)
  4. A clarification letter (In case of late registration)

You have to register your E-commerce within 30 days from the date of operation of your online business. An application must be submitted to the District Office where the head office is located or Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. However, if your head office is located outside Bangkok, you need to submit the application form at Provincial Administration Organization.

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