Can hotel reservation website get Thailand BOI?

A client wants to have a hotel reservation website and wants to get Thailand BOI. They contact the Board of Investment and learned that they can get BOI promotion because their business is considered E-Commerce, which is BOI promoted activity 5.8. What is the process involved in getting BOI promotion for hotel reservation website or E-Commerce activity? You will need to write the plan for your project, the detail of your business or services. You will have to prepare a forecast for your business incomes and expenses for three years. You will need to plan for your manpower, machinery (computers, office equipment, software, etc) for also 3 years. You need to be able to answer the questions of how big your domestic and overseas markets are. If your business background is hotel or E-commerce, you will have a better chance to get BOI in Thailand.

The timeline involved is that if you prepare the application yourself, you will need a few weeks because you probably do not know what you are doing. Then you will submit the application to the Board of Investment Thailand. They probably will reject it but advice you what you should change in the application form. After your application has been accepted by the Board of Investment office, then it will take them 3-5 weeks and probably longer to get back to you to make an appointment for the presentation. You most likely do not know how to prepare yourself and what they want to hear on the presentation day. After the presentation, assuming everything went well, you will wait 4-6 weeks or more to get the letter from the BOI informing you that your project has been approved. Then you will file a form to accept the promotion. Then you will set up a new company, open a bank account and transfer 25% of the registered capital from overseas into this account, and file another form – KKT05, with lots of supporting documents (mostly company’s document) with the BOI. They will issue the BOI certificate for you in 1-2 weeks.

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