e-Expert System for BOI companies

In order to improve the work permit and immigration processes, the Board of Investment (BOI) of Thailand has recently introduced the e-Expert System for BOI promoted companies. This system allows for online processing of expatriate work permits and immigration formalities, including review and approval, through the Thailand BOI’s website whereas a user ID and password will be provided to BOI promoted companies for access and uploading of supporting documents.

This move towards an online environment is aimed to lessen the lead time at the One Stop Service Center and minimize paperwork. However, once approval is granted, the expatriate is still required to be physically present at the One Stop Service Center to collect and sign for the work permit and attend a short interview with the Immigration officer.

Furthermore, the benefits of this initiative can be summarized as follows:

  1. Greater transparency in the consideration process for work permit and visa extension
  2. Real time tracking of the status of applications
  3. Reduced time spent by expatriates at the One Stop Service Center

Nevertheless, the users will need to be aware of the relevant BOI, work permit and immigration regulations.

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