How to get a visa for foreign workers of a Thailand BOI company

Thailand BOI company that needs to bring foreign workers to work for them has to follow a few steps which are less complicated than non BOI companies. Firstly, you need to fill out information about your foreign worker on BOI E-expert website. After that, the Board of Investment will issue a letter for you so that your foreign worker can submit it with other documents to Royal Thai Embassy in his country (or any country that has a Thai consular service) to apply for Non-Immigrant B Visa.

1. To apply for the BOI letter to get the non B visa

Assuming that your Thailand BOI company has not obtained a username and password for accessing the BOI E-expert system, you can get it by filling out some forms and submit them to Thailand BOI office at One Stop Service Center (BOI Office of Visa and Work Permit). After that, BOI will give you the username and password for access to BOI E-expert system to register foreign workers. Once logged in, you can proceed to fill out Form 7.1, giving information about your skilled foreign worker, his position in your company, his work experience and education background. Thailand BOI will issue a letter to your company with a list of foreign employees’ name, nationality, position, and passport number. Your foreign worker will submit it to Royal Thai Embassy to request for a Non-Immigrant B visa.

BOI visa letter page 1BOI visa letter page 2

2. Documents needed to submit to Royal Thai Embassy overseas.

Your Thailand BOI company needs to prepare a letter addressed to the Royal Thai Embassy in foreign worker’s country (or any country convenient for his to apply for his visa) explaining why it is necessary to bring in the foreign worker to work in your company, employment contract between your company and him stating the commencement date after he receives his work permit, your company documents (Affidavit, List of Shareholders, VAT registration, etc.) and the letter issued by Thailand Board of Investment. All of these should be submitted to Royal Thai Embassy in your foreign worker country or any country with a Thai consular service. The embassy will grant him a Non-Immigrant Visa “IB”, usually valid for 90 days. With this Visa he can enter Thailand and the employer company can process his work permit.

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