Land Lease in Thailand by Foreigners

Foreigners wanting to own land in Thailand, a lot of the time, will opt for Land Lease, which is the most straightforward approach to acquire land in Thailand. Many foreigners feel more secure knowing that a legally registered land lease remains valid and effective even if the land is sold to another person. Thailand’s land law allows foreigners to have 100% interest of a land lease in Thailand. Land lease which has a period of longer than 3 years must be registered at the relevant Land Department where the land is located. That means if the land lease is not registered, the terms and conditions of the land lease are enforceable for the initial 3 years period only.

In general, a foreigner is allowed to lease land for leasehold of maximum 30 years. Once the contract comes to an end, there is an option to extend that lease for subsequent 30-year period, but it must be limited to 30 years from the date of renewal, except on land that is used only for commercial or industrial purposes, which can be established for 50 years. (For more information, please check out “Leasing land for Commerce or Industry in Thailand by Foreigners“). A new registration at the relevant Land Department is a must for every lease renewal with the landowner’s agreement. Such agreement to extend the lease with the landowner is unfortunately not a guarantee against the breach of contract by a landowner who may refuse to sign any registration for a lease renewal. If you consider owning or leasing land in Thailand, it is highly recommended to consult a professional law expert. For further assistance, contact us, Thailawyers.