Manufacturing of Ceramic Products

Manufacturing of Ceramic Products

Thailand has been encouraging and promoting projects in the mining industry and manufacturing for many relevant products for economic benefits. The Board of Investment of Thailand has established a clear policy to welcome foreign investors to participate in the development of large-scale projects that involves minerals, ceramic and basic metals.


The condition and benefits of application for a BOI promotion for ceramic products are listed below:

* This excludes earthenware and ceramic tile manufacturing.



  • Project must have firing and/or annealing process.


Once promoted, incentives to be given are under the category of B1 which includes:

  • Exemption of import duties on machinery
  • Exemption of import duties on raw materials used in production for exports
  • 100% foreign business ownership
  • Permit to own land
  • Permit to bring in skilled workers and experts to work into the Kingdom.


Learn more about the activities that can be eligible for BOI promotion. Contact Thai Lawyers for assistance in registering your company under the BOI.