Overstay your visa in Thailand – solution

If you overstay your visa in Thailand you will have to pay a fine and may be detained in a Thai immigration cell before being deported from Thailand.

When you are leaving the country after you have overstayed, you will have to pay for the fine of Baht 500 per day, but the maximum fine is Baht 20,000 even if you have overstayed more than 40 days and you will face the possibility of being banned from re-entering Thailand as follows:

More than 90 days, 1 year ban

More than 1 year, 3 year ban

More than 3 years, 5 year ban  

More than 5 Years, 10 year ban

However, if you get caught overstaying by the police, you will be banned as follows:

Within 1 Year, 5 year ban

More than 1 Year, 10 year ban

Because you can face detainment and imprisonment apart from paying for the fine if you have overstayed for a long time, we recommend resolving your overstay issues as soon as possible. Contact ThaiLawyers now for the best solution.