Selling Traditional Medicines Products Licensed Abroad in Thailand

A foreigner can bring and sell traditional medicines in Thailand which are branded and licensed overseas provided that he complies with the requirements of Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Such requirements are listed below and is subject to the final decision of the concerned authorities:

  1. The products that the foreigner wants to import must have Product Certificate in the country of origin, this will be attached in the application;
  2. The applicant should get 2 licenses with the Thai FDA:-
  • FDA license to import the products
  • FDA license to sell the products in Thailand
  1. A foreigner can apply for the license provided that he has a work permit thus, he should register a company first and get a work permit so he can apply for the license under his name or the company’s name or, have his Thai partner apply for the license
  2. A company can apply for the license provided that it is registered in Thailand
  3. The company must be at least 51% owned by Thai nationals

If you are interested in importing and selling Korean ginseng and other traditional medicine into Thailand, contact Thai Lawyers for company registration, visa and work permit application and getting Thai FDA license for your business.