How Myanmar Nationals Can Do business in Thailand

Like other nationalities, Myanmar nationals can set up a company in Thailand without the need of a Thai partner for certain activities. Hence, you can fully own the company if you engage in the following business activities:

  1. Exports – if you buy goods from Thailand and send to Myanmar or other countries, or you buy goods from other countries and export them to Myanmar;
  2. Manufacturing business – Myanmar businesses that want to produce their products in Thailand to be sold locally or export to another country. However, we need to know more details about your production process because if it just involves some simple procedures only (e.g. cutting or mixing only) then, it cannot be considered as a manufacturing activity;
  3. Activities that can be promoted by the Board of Investment – if your project is one of the promoted activities by the BOI, you may be eligible for BOI promotion and own the company 100%. Such activities include software development, research & development, manufacturing, etc.;
  4. Some Myanmar people also have a US citizenship. You may be interested in Treaty of Amity company registration, which is to register the company under the Treaty of Amity between Thailand and the USA.

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