Thailand BOI Opportunities in Machinery Projects

Thailand continues to industrialize although it is dependent on foreign industrial machinery for immediate future.

At present, there is a high demand for the following machinery:

  1. Food and farm machinery
  2. Alternative energy/energy conservation machinery
  3. Textile machinery
  4. Automotive machinery
  5. Mould & Die industry

Moreover, specific Industrial Machineries needed are as follows:

–          Turning machines

–          Drilling machines

–          Milling machines

–          Grinding machines

–          Machine Centers

–          Gear Cutting & Finishing Machines

–          Die Sinking EDMs

–          Wire Cut EDMs

–          Laser Beam Machines

–          Plasma Arc Cutting Machines

–          Electron Beam Machines

–          Broaching Machines

Hence, the BOI grant 8 year cap-free corporate income tax holidays and exemption of machinery import duties.

Such Priority Activities are as follows:

–          Manufacture of machinery, equipment and parts that have engineering design

–          Manufacture of farm machinery/equipment and food processing machinery/equipment

–          Manufacture of energy-conserving machinery/equipment and machinery/equipment using alternative energy

–          Manufacture or repair of mould and die

–          Manufacture of other machinery, equipment and parts

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