Thailand BOI – Can I change factory location?

When applying for a Thailand BOI promotion, the location of the factory is required because the privileges granted to the project vary according to Investment Promotion Zones, consisting of 3 zones. If an applicant cannot specify an exact address at the time of application submission, at least the name of the province must be filled into the BOI application form. However, this information of location can be changed later, whether before submitting the promotion acceptance form, or after the BOI certificate is issued. The privileges and conditions will change according to the new location from the date of the location amendment approval, though the date of starting BOI benefits will not change. For example:

Before Amendment After Amendment
Location Zone 2(Chonburi province) Zone 3(Prachinburi province)
Exemption of corporate income tax 3 year 8 year
1 Apr 2013 – 31 Mar 2016 1 Apr 2013 – 31 Mar 2021

The important thing is the applicant has to submit “Form for Changing / Increasing / Reducing Factory Location (F PA PC 01) with complete information and supporting documents. The officers will consider its project amendment within 5 working days. After that the factory is allowed to move.

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