Thailand BOI Promotion – Presentation and Interview Session


When applying for a BOI promotion in Thailand, do we have to be interviewed by BOI officers? How long will it take for the interview? What questions do they usually ask?


Yes, after submitting the application forms for Thailand BOI promotion to the Board of Investment, you need to contact the responsible officer to make an appointment for an interview session within 10 days. The duration of the session normally takes around 1 hour, sometimes more or less depending on how complicated the case is.

It is advisable that you should know the details about your products/services, finances, investment and forecast of the revenues of the company before you do the presentation. Usually, the presentation begins with a brief background of applicant and then the BOI officer will start asking questions. Most questions are related to the applicant’s products or services, target clients and how it will benefit Thailand. The BOI officer may also ask about your finances, investment and estimated expenses and profits for a certain period of operation.

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