Thailand Social Security – claims for compensation

To prevent deprivation of rights, the member of Thailand Social Security or so called insured persons should claim social security compensation within 1 year after the date entitled to compensations in any of the following cases except for the unemployment benefit:

  1. In the event of illness or accident and the insured persons received medical treatment at hospitals which are not affiliated with social security according to the Certified Entitlement Card, they can apply for reimbursement of medical bills from the date of receiving medical treatment or the date specified in receipt.
  2. In case of child delivery, the insured person is able to apply for reimbursement of medical bill from the date specified in the birth certificate.
  3. For the disability benefit, the insured person is able to apply for reimbursement of medical bill from the date that physician declared the insured as a disabled person.
  4. As for child allowance, the insured persons entitled for the benefits shall made contributions toward child benefit for not less than 12 months, being legitimate child aged not more than 6 years old and limited to not more than 2 children.
  5. In case of old age benefit, the insured persons entitled to old age pension shall reach the age of full 55 years old. The insured persons shall submit the request within 1 year after entitlement.
  6. In the event of death, the beneficiaries of insured persons can claim benefits from the date of death specified in the death certificate.

On the other hand, a claim for unemployment compensation shall be filed together with unemployment registration form at the Department of Employment within 30 days after being laid-off or resigned from employment.

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