Thai visa for Australian business people

As per Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement, Australian business people are given temporary entry to Thailand under the following circumstances:

  1. A visa and work permit for up to five year’s stay for all Australian citizens being transferred to work in Thailand within the same company (renewable annually);
  2. A visa and work permit for up to three year’s stay for all Australian citizens entering Thailand to work on the basis of a contract with an Australian or Thai company other than their employer in Australia (renewable annually);
  3. A work permit is not required for Australian citizens who are business visitors conducting business meetings in Thailand for up to 15 days, and up to 90 days for APEC Travel Card Holders;
  4. Applications for visas and work permits submitted by an employer on an applicant’s behalf will be considered and advice in advance of approval with visa to be granted on arrival subject to identity verification);
  5. Australian business visitors will be permitted access to the one-stop visa and work permit service (previously restricted to visitors representing or employed by major investors);
  6. All Australians who hold work permits will be permitted to participate in business meetings anywhere in Thailand, including locations not specified in their work permits (previous work permits had to be changed if any work was to be conducted in a location not specified in the permit).
  7. The number of documents required from Australians for work permits and renewals and work permits will also be reduced.

The above temporary entries which will be granted to Australian citizens were summarized under the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Since Thai immigration policies tend to change from time to time, you need to be updated on the related rules and regulations. Contact ThaiLawyers for professional assistance on Thai visas and work permits of different nationalities.