Transferring a Work Permit between BOI Companies in Thailand

A foreigner who has a work permit with a Thailand BOI company and wishes to transfer to another needs to know the steps and timeline of how to do it. If you miss any crucial steps, you may have to leave the country and get a new non-immigrant “B” visa to get back in. To avoid silly mistakes made by incompetent law firms, you may refer to the steps listed below as a guide. Thai Lawyers Ltd., a true expert in getting work permits and registering Thailand BOI company, can help with your work permit transition smoothly.

  1. The new employer needs to get an approval for the new position that the expat is going to fill, in the BOI E-expert system. It takes 3-5 business days for the new position to be approved.
  2. Inform the current employer to cancel the current work permit and permit of stay (or what people like to call “visa”) in the BOI E-expert system. Important: Make sure to choose the last day of work that allows enough time for the new employer company to process steps 3 and 4. The BOI E-expert system allows the current employer to process this step up to 21 days in advance before the last day of work. The safest thing to do is for the current employer to do this step 21 days before the last working day.
  3. The new employer gets an approval to fill the expat into the position approved from step 1. This step takes about 5 – 7 business days and can be done only after step 2.
  4. The new employer prepares the documents for getting a new work permit and extend the permit of stay. This may take 4-5 business days.

During waiting for step 4, the old employer can take the old work permit to cancel at the BOI’s one-stop-service center so that once the new employer has all the papers from step 4 ready, the expat can go to pick up his new work permit and extend his permit of stay at the one stop service center.

Thai Lawyers Ltd. assures you of your peace of mind if you leave it to us to transition your work permit between 2 BOI companies or from a regular company to a BOI one, or from a BOI employer to a non-BOI one. Contact us today.