Thailand BOI for Digital Economy Cluster

With the Thai government’s Cluster-based Special Economic Development Zones policy, or the Cluster Policy, foreigners doing business in the area of digital economy may be eligible for special incentives, which are more than the normal Thailand BOI benefits.

The Board of Investment grants 8 year corporate income tax exemption plus 5 year 50% income tax reduction and import duty exemption on machinery if you operate the following businesses in either Chiangmai or Phuket:

Software (Embedded Software, Enterprise Software, Digital Content – see meaning of digital content here), Cloud service, Data center, Software park, Movie town, Thai motion picture production and motion picture supporting services

Apart from the above tax related benefits, other incentives include consideration of granting Permanent Residence to the leading specialist and permission for foreigners to own land to implement the activities that receive Thailand BOI promotion.

See the full list of business activities eligible for Thailand BOI promotion here. And even if you do not see any activities that match your planned business, you should still contact ThaiLawyers for consultation on 100% foreign ownership of your Thai company.