How to fill out Thailand BOI application – Part 4 of 7

This is part 4 of 7 in the post series How to fill out Thailand BOI Application. Here we explain section 5 of Thailand BOI application for software (activity 5.7) or E-commerce (Activity 5.8). Section 5 is where you will describe the detail of your project for which you are requesting the investment promotion from Thailand Board of Investment.

5.1 Type of Software: Here you will check the type of software that applies to your planned software. It may be Embedded Software, Enterprise Software or Digital Content. It can be more than one type. If your planned software is Digital Content, you will check mark the sub categories of the Digital Content software type as follows:

Animation, cartoon & characters
Computer generate imagery
Web-based application and cloud computing
Interactive Application
Game: windows-based, mobile platform, console, PDA, online game, massive multi-player online game
Wireless location based service content
Visual effects
Multimedia VDO conferencing application
E-learning content via broadband and multimedia

5.2 Software development process: You should know that your software should have the development process as follows:

Requirement analysis
Program and system testing
Configuration and Change Management
Related professional training for software and digital content design and development


5.3 Provide detail of software development/product. If possible you should attach screenshots, pictures or brochures of your planned software. In this section, you will provide detail of your software product;

  1. Name of software/product,
  2. Detail of your planned software,
  3. List the major software you will use in the development of your planned software
  4. Software development process – Here you will elaborate the software development process listed in section 5.2 above.
  5. Users of software/product – Who are your target customers or users?
  6. Features and benefits of software/product – Write the feature of your planned software and its benefits.

5.4 Estimated the market size of your planned software in Thailand (domestic) and the market size overseas.

5.5 If your project has technical cooperation with foreign parties, list it here and specify technology to be used and its source.

5.6 List the quantity and value of machinery (computers), equipment and software that you need to buy for this project. Old ones cannot go into this table. If imported, you need to specify the country of origin.

5.7 Specify all the software you need to use in this project and their values. For nny software that you will get to use for free, you should explain why it is for free.

The values you put in 5.6 and 5.7 should be in thousands of Baht (Omit three 0’s).

Next we will explain How to fill out Thailand BOI application – part 5 of 7.

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