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Retirement Age of Employees

Even though Thailand’s labour law does not set the retirement age of employees, the interpretation of the Thai Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 (1998) includes the fact that the retirement of employees is a termination of contract of employment. In case, an employer has included a retirement age in the work regulation, the employer shall […]

Thailand minimum wage hike policy

Studies show that minimum wage hike policy for 2012 has posed no effect on Thailand’s overall economy, indicated by low unemployment rate and a small number of layoff, while business owners have been able to adjust themselves well for the minimum wage hike. Therefore, it is expected that the minimum wage hike in 2013 will […]

Thailand Social Security – claims for compensation

To prevent deprivation of rights, the member of Thailand Social Security or so called insured persons should claim social security compensation within 1 year after the date entitled to compensations in any of the following cases except for the unemployment benefit: In the event of illness or accident and the insured persons received medical treatment at […]