Losing Passport in Thailand

This article discusses the requirements and procedures if a foreigner lost his passport in Thailand. He must prepare the following documents:

  1. Application form
  2. New passport and a copy of its main page
  3. Copy of Police Report (Affidavit of Loss)
  4. Certificate from the Embassy

When the required documents are complete, the foreigner must proceed with the following:

  1. If the foreigner is in Bangkok, he should contact the Lost Passport Section of the Immigration Office to fill out the request including his name, surname, and passport number, date of arrival in Thailand and flight number.
  2. Check the details and correctness of the information of the new passport or other travel document. A police report stating the loss of the old passport must be given to the officer.
  3. Check the evidence of arrival in Thailand in the database or with the arrival card (TM. 6) to make sure the applicant has entered Thailand legally.
  4. If there is evidence of legal entry to Thailand, the visa will be transferred to the new passport.
  5. For those with application for extension of stay or residence in Thailand, the applicant has to contact the respective Sections according to the visa type or Sub-Division 1, Immigration Division 1, Immigration Bureau, according to circumstances in order to fill out the request to transfer the visa to a new passport to wait for the result of his application for extension of stay or residence in the Kingdom.
  6. If the applicant is in the province, he should fill out a request and proceed according to the above steps. A letter will then be sent to each regional Immigration center which sends a copy of the request to Information Center, Immigration Bureau in order to make an entry in their database.

If you have a Thailand Work Permit and visa, you can visit the Immigration Office and do the above procedures or hire a professional service like us who can help you prepare the application and accompany you with the Immigration Office in Bangkok. Contact ThaiLawyers for more information.