Foreigners Can Get a Thai Driving License

Planning to drive a car or motorbike in Thailand for travel, leisure or everyday living foreigners can get a Thai driving license with the Department of Land Transport throughout Thailand provided that they are:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Holder of a valid non-immigrant visa, in some cases, tourist visa may be accepted
  • In good physical and mental health

Even though foreigners can get a Thai driving license, they are prohibited to work as a driver of motor vehicles including transporting goods and passengers by road (i.e. food or package delivery, ridesharing, passenger van or bus, etc.) Additionally, even if they get professional license in their home countries, foreigners cannot be permitted to work as a driver of trams for transporting goods and passengers by water or air as well as driving a domestic non-mechanically propelled carrier except for international aircraft or driving a forklift installed with equipment for lifting or moving.

Foreigners must respect the Thai laws specially the work permit rules in Thailand before engaging in any work in the country. ThaiLawyers has a wide vast of knowledge and expertise in applying work permit and visas in Thailand. Contact us now for an expert advice.