Eligible Applicants for Free Zone User

Free Zone is a designated area for industrial or commercial operation or any other operations involve in economic growth and development. It is considered to be outside Thailand and Thai Customs territory. Accordingly, when foreign merchandise is brought into a Free Zone, no taxes and duties is owed until the merchandise leaves the Zone and enters Thailand for consumption. Moreover, the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) Free Zone also provides certain privileges to industrial operators.

Qualified applicant for Free Zone User

A Free Zone user is a party using the Zone under agreement with the Zone licensees or operators. Thus, the Customs Department will consider the following factors in determining whether to issue a grant of authority for a Free Zone user:

(1) A stable financial juristic person with a permission to hold ownership of land or possessory right within Free Zone.

(2) Having approval from a Free Zone operator.

(3) Activities operated in a Free Zone shall be in compliance with the stated Free Zone objectives or the rules as determined by director-general of the Customs Department.

(4) No any records of committing serious Customs case or related violation in the past 3 years from application date.

Supporting documents for application

(1)   Application form

(2)   Copy of certification of registration of juristic person

(3)   Copy of company affidavit and list of shareholders issued not exceeding 6 months from application date

(4)   Copy of VAT registration document

(5)   Copy of title deed or certificate of land possession

(6)   Letter of consent from Free Zone operator

(7)   Financial statements approved by an authorized accountant or other reports in the last 3 years

(8)   Site plan indicating the location of operating place in Free Zone

(9)   Detail of establishment in Free Zone

9.1 Project’s objectives

9.2 Type of project

9.3 Operational plan and production process

9.4 Source of Funds

Make a copy of (1) – (9) but 2 copies of (8). Both original and duplicate documents shall be signed by authorized person and stamped company’s seal.

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