House Registration Book (Tabien Baan) in Thailand

Whether he wants to register a company or make the application to obtain his Thai tax ID card, a foreigner needs an address in Thailand. We got asked a lot of times what is this Tabien Baan that is one of the required documents for application.

Tabien Baan is a House Registration book of each house that shows the house number and the list of all residents living in that house. Although it is an evidence of a person official residence, it is not a proof of the house ownership.

Tabien Baan can be issued by Provincial Administration agencies, in Bangkok at District Office (Samnak ngan khet) and in other provinces at District Office (Amphur), Municipality Office or the City of Pattaya (depend on the area where the house is located).

There are three types of Tabien Baan and Personnel Record for Non-Thai national (Tabien Pra wat):

  • Navy House Registration book = Thor. Ror. 14

This shows the information of Thai national and foreigner who hold Residence Certificate or Alien Registration Book.2

  • Yellow House Registration book = Thor. Ror. 13

This shows the information of a foreigner who receives permission to stay temporary in Thailand.

  • Personnel Record for Non-Thai national (Tabien Pra wat)

This shows the registration details of foreign nationals of Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia who enter the Kingdom with work purposes and have work permit document.

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