How to fill out Thailand BOI application – Part 5 of 7

This post is a continuation of how to fill out Thailand BOI application for software (activity 5.7) or E-commerce (Activity 5.8). For part 4, read How to fill out Thailand BOI application – Part 4 of 7.

Section 6 in the application is where you will describe the detail of your Thailand BOI project’s needs for personnel.

6.1 Management personnel and technical specialist: Education background, work experience and scope of work of each position should be detailed here. If you have planned for a specific person to take each position, then give details of the person in this section. If you do not have a specific person in mind for any of the positions, just put what you think you want the candidates to have as their qualification to apply for each position.

6.2 Expected employment in this project during the first three years of operation: Fill out in this table the number of persons for each position, Thai and foreign, during the first, second and third years. If you have positions other than what the standard application form listed for you, fill them into others and specify the positions. You need to know that Management personnel is most likely not included in the IT personnel whose salaries determine when your approved Thailand BOI project can open operation officially. If you use a spreadsheet to make a budget for your expected employment, it will be helpful in determining the total amount of IT personnel salaries, and others’ salaries, Thai personnel’s salaries and foreign personnel’s salaries, which you will need to fill out section 7 of Thailand BOI application.

For Software and E-commerce activities, Thailand BOI application includes an attachment in which you need to fill out the salaries of Thai and Foreign IT personnel for the three years of operation for your BOI project.

6.3 Policy on employment of foreign personnel: In this section, you will specify the scope of work, estimated salary, nationality and reason for employment of each foreigner you want to hire. If you do not have a specific person in mind yet, you do not need to put the name or specific nationality. If you know who you want to hire (for example yourself) then put your name and nationality there.

6.4 Training plan for Thai employees: You need to talk about the training courses and technology transfer plan you have for your future Thai employees that will be employed in your Thailand BOI software/E-commerce business.

In the next post you will read about How to fill out Thailand BOI application – part 6 of 7.

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