Myanmar Businesses Operating in Thailand

We have many clients from Myanmar. We at Thai Lawyers Ltd. set up their Thailand companies for them. And now our sister company in MSNA Group handle their accounting and taxes.

Many businesses from Myanmar cannot send their payments directly to their international vendors overseas. And they cannot send money from their country to their Thai companies. They have to use a third party person who is from Myanmar but lives/works in Thailand. They pay the person with their money in Myanmar and the person uses his money in Thailand to send to the overseas vendors on behalf of the Myanmar companies.

In terms of accounting, what do the Thailand companies do when they need to make payments from Myanmar?  The truth is that the money was paid from the directors or shareholders with their money in Myanmar. Therefore, the companies will have to record the payment transaction as being paid with the loan from their directors/shareholders.

Other than accounting, we also assist in getting work permit and filing taxes. Contact Thai Lawyers to set up your Myanmar businesses in Thailand.