Maternity Leave More Than 90 Days

One of our employees want to take Maternity leave more than 90 days (98 days to be exact). We understand that the company will pay the employee salary for the first 45 days and the balance days she can claim from the Thai Social Security, can you let us know what she can claim for maternity leave more than 90 days? If she can only claim from 46th day to 90th day, what happen to the other 8 days (91st to 98th day)?

Answer: Yes, she can take maternity leave up to 90 days. She will get 1.5 months’ salary from the company and she can get 1.5 months of Baht 15,000 from the Social Security. Note that the maximum salary that the social security office uses to calculate everything is Baht 15,000. If she leaves more than 90 days, it is up to the company if you want to deduct her salary for the number of days in excess of 90, or treat it as paid leave, or take it out from her annual leave entitlement.

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