BOI Company For Manufacture of LED Lamps

If you want to set up a Thailand BOI company for manufacture of LED lamps, you need to understand what it means by manufacturing. A manufacturing process begins with the product design, and materials specification from which the product is made. It involves big machineries in transforming the raw materials into the final product. If you will just assemble the lighting from electronic parts, shells, wiring, etc., you may not get approved to have a BOI company for manufacture of LED lamps.

Please check activity 5.2.2 manufacture of LED lamps from this link:

If you get approved, Thailand BOI benefits that you may get are:

– 3 year corporate income tax exemption, not more than 100% of investment (excluding cost of land and working capital)

– Exemption of import duty on machinery

– Exemption of import duty on raw or essential materials used in manufacturing export products for 1 year, which can be extended as deemed appropriate by the Board of Investment

– Other non-tax incentives, which allows your company to own land where your factory will be built, and to have Thailand work permit for expat employees without the normal ratio of Baht 2M capital and 4 Thai employees for each expat. Read here about work permit for Thailand BOI company’s foreign employee.