Thailand BOI and company registration – what comes first?

Thailand BOI first then register a Thai limited company in case you have not got one. If you have a company, you can also use the existing company to apply for BOI. In Thailand, a BOI applicant can be a juristic person, a natural person or foundation. BOI does not require the applicant to establish the company at the time of application submission, but when the BOI project is approved, before getting the certificate, the company must be registered. Therefore the processes of company registration and of BOI application can be done at the same time. Contact Thai lawyers or MSNA to know more about company registration and obtaining BOI Promotion in Thailand. Whether you are planning to register a new company or use your existing company to apply for a BOI certificate, you will need to know if your planned business is categorized as one of BOI eligible activities. Here are some BOI testimonials from our clients.