Thailand BOI’s Benefits for Software Business

Thailand BOI grants the following benefits for promoted software companies:

  1. Thailand BOI promoted company can bring in the foreign technicians or experts, spouse and person under the guardian of such foreign technicians or experts, to Thailand. The number of foreign technicians or experts and the period to work and stay in Thailand will be fixed as the Committee deems appropriate. – This means that your software company can have many work permits and not have to worry about the 2 – 3 million Baht capital for each work permit and the 4 – 1 ratio of the number of Thai employees to farangs.
  2. Thailand BOI promoted company is exempted for the corporate income tax for the net profit generated from the promoted activity for a period of 8 years as from the date starting to generate such income.
  3. Thailand BOI promoted company is permitted to own some land according to the criteria approved by the BOI committee.
  4. The promoted company is exempted for the import duty for the machinery as approved by the Committee for as long as it is being promoted.
  5. The dividends derived from the promoted activity, which is exempted from corporate income tax, do not have to be included for income tax calculation throughout the period of corporate income tax exemption of the promoted company.
  6. The BOI promoted company is allowed to transfer money to overseas in foreign currency.

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