Thailand BOI – Design centers

Thailand BOI promotes design center projects in the country. This activity, listed under Section 7, Service and Public Utilities, is classified as a priority activity that has a special importance and benefits to the country.

In order to become eligible for Thailand BOI promotion, investors or entrepreneurs of such design center projects have to meet the following conditions:-

Business scopes will have the following areas and facilities for their main activities:

  1. Lifestyle centers: showcase, display and distribution areas
  2. Creative space: Areas for exhibitions of knowledge/information regarding design and product development
  3. Design shop: Areas for the distribution of books, information, equipment, products and merchandise, in accordance with design
  4. Business center: Areas for offering

(1)    Business-related advice, including issues on law, business operations, joint-ventures, and purchase/sales agreements

(2)    Offering advice for entrepreneurs on product development

(3)    Offering information centers and libraries for product development

(4)    Preparing special courses on product design and development

(5)    Holding international seminars on continuous product development

(6)    Leasing to private entrepreneurs who wish to operate businesses on product design and development as well as presentation of new products

  1. The area must not be less than 3,000 square meters.
  2. A plan and blueprint must be submitted for approval from the Board
  3. Other facilities must be provided as prescribed by the Board

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