Thailand BOI – Electronics Design Industry Human Resource Development Project

Thailand BOI, together with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thai Embedded Systems Association (TESA) and leading universities and companies in Thailand, has set up the “Thailand Electronics Design Industry Human Resource Development Project.” The aim of the project is to produce skilled labor by educating and training people studying in universities. Supporting integrated circuit design (IC) for the automotive software industry has been selected as a pilot project.

Electronic design is considered one of the most essential foundations for creating new technology and innovation to be utilized in major industries such as automotive, electronics and electrics, and information and communication technology (ICT). However, only few companies set up their electronics design business in Thailand. To overcome this slow growth rate and to ensure the country’s future as the first knowledge-based economy in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the Thai government is making a strong effort to enhance workforce skills that will enable the specific industrial needs to be met.

Under this project, senior level students will have an opportunity to take part in projects with companies and practice in the laboratories of 6 universities after providing basic knowledge in the second year of university.

The first phase of this project was launched last year with only four companies involved. During the second phase of the project, three more companies began participating in the project. The companies provide a boot camp for students to learn and develop their skills in the field.

As regards how important this project is, Thailand BOI provides tax incentive for those who join this program under the STI scheme. Benefits could include a corporate income tax exemption not exceeding 8 years and/or a non-capped tax exemption in order to encourage more companies to become involved.

TESA strongly believes that the project will be very useful for creating value-added technology designs to drive the future and strengthen the IC design industry in Thailand, and it will enable the country to reduce the knowledge gap among its employees.

To move Thailand from being an original equipment manufacturer to an original design manufacturer, human resource development will play an essential part and will be a key to enhance the country’s competitiveness. As a knowledge-based economy of ASEAN, in which productivity is generated by technology and creativity, Thailand hopes to see investors contribute to this project and to prosper along with the country.

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