Thailand BOI promoted activities that get corporate income tax exemption without a cap

Some of Thailand BOI promoted activities are classified as of special importance and benefit to the country and the Board of Investment grants the promoted companies corporate income tax exemption without a cap plus other rights and benefits. Those high priority Thailand BOI promoted activities are

  • Category 1.3 Economic forest plantations (except for eucalyptus)
  • Category 3.9 Creative product design and development centers
  • Category 4.11.1 Manufacture of airframes, airframe parts and major aircraft appliances, e.g. engines, aircraft parts, propellers and avionics
  • Category 5.6 Electronic design
  • Category 5.7 Software
  • Category Production of electricity or steam power from waste or refuse derived fuel
  • Category 7.8 Energy Service Company (ESCO)
  • Category 7.9.2 Industrial zones or technology industrial zones
  • Category 7.10 Cloud services
  • Category 7.11 Research and development
  • Category 7.12 Biotechnology
  • Category 7.13 Engineering design
  • Category 7.14 Scientific laboratories
  • Category 7.15 Calibration services
  • Category 7.19 Vocational training centers

Apart from the exemption of corporate income tax for 8 years without a cap, these Thailand BOI promoted activities also get an exemption of import duty on machinery, raw or essential materials used in manufacturing export products for 1 year, the right to own land for use in the promoted businesses, the right to bring foreign specialists which means the company can sponsor more work permits without the ratio of 4 Thais per foreigner or Baht 2 M capital per foreigner, the right to remit money abroad in foreign currencies, and possibly the right to have 51 – 100% foreign ownership in the business.

For the full list of Thailand BOI promoted activities and the new Thailand BOI benefits, contact Thai Lawyers.