Thailand business – what type can Foreigners do?

There are different types of business which you as a foreigner are allowed or restricted to do in Thailand. In fact, if your company is a Thai majority owned, you can do almost any kind of legal business. However, if it’s a foreign majority company, whether set up inThailandor outside ofThailand, you can do business with the following conditions:

(1) For non-restricted businesses

In general, if your foreign majority company does export (fromThailand) or engages in manufacturing business, you can operate the business without having to apply for a Foreign Business License.

(2) For restricted businesses

Almost all types of service and retail businesses are restricted to foreigners. As a foreign majority company, you may obtain exemptions through getting a Foreign Business License or a Board of Investment (BOI) promotion, or in case of US companies or American majority owned companies, you can obtained a certificate as being protected under the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Thailand to do the business. It should be noted that for some types of business, exemptions cannot be obtained.

Doing business inThailandcan be easy or risky depending on how you will set up your company and operate your business. You will need a good partner to be your guide and adviser in terms of legal aspects. Contact to learn more information especially on the different types of business a foreigner can do in Thailand.

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